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"Nepal has unleashed its potential when the discourse on Nepal outside shifts from 3 M (Maoist, Massacre and Mountains) to a land of 3 S, Smile, Service and Success"

- Sujeev Shakya

Sujeev Shakya

"An energetic visionary. His infectious optimism... is precisely what Nepal needs to tackle its myriad dilemmas"

- K A I B I R D


"Though Different Lenses: Bringing higher standards, business ethics and greater professionalism to Nepal."

Click here to read the interview in the December 213 issue of Business 360.

Latest Articles

Challenging Mediocrity, Adopting Meritocracy

2017-02-14 [ source : The Kathmandu Post ]

For the big picture to change, it is important for the small pixels to be right

Liquidity Mess

2017-01-31 [ source : The Kathmandu Post ]

Instead of being proactive, we keep reacting to financial crises because we ignore facts and figures

Cautious Optimism

2017-01-25 [ source : Neftake ]

IMF 5.5% growth forecast can be exceeded if we don't squander opportunities. Five Important Issues To Remember

पैसैपैसा तर खर्च भएन

2017-01-25 [ source : Kantipur ]

सरकारी ढुकुटीमा टन्न राखेर अंग्रेजी बोली—बोली हामी विभिन्न दाताहरुसँग मागी हिँडेका छौं ।

Low Capital Expenditure

2017-01-17 [ source : The Kathmandu Post ]

Begging for money but not having a plan to spend it is an age-old problem in Nepal