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Geopolitics Back To The Fore

2017-07-17 [ Source: The Kathmandu Post ]

In June, two events took place in two different parts of the Himalayas within a span of 11 days. These two events will have considerable impact on Nepal in the days to come.

Taxing thoughts

2017-07-04 [ Source: The Kathmandu Post ]

Schools in India, Nepal and the region have mastered the art of charging library fees without having a library, or laboratory fees without having a lab, or sports fees without having any sports facilities. And with the introduction of the GST, there will be innovations on a par with those implemented by the schools.

टिप्पणी : गोर्खाल्यान्ड गाथा

2017-06-25 [ Source: Kantipur ]

दार्जिलिङ जिल्ला र अब भर्खरै घोषणा गरेको कालिम्पोङ जिल्लाका केही गर्न जाँगर भएका युवा पिढी मुम्बई, बंगलौर र दिल्लीतिर लागे । राजनीतिक पोषणमा हुर्केकाहरूसँग उनीहरू बाझ्न चाहेनन् । विदेशतिर लाग्नु नै भविष्यको निम्ति राम्रो मान्न थाले ।

Chaos in Qatar

2017-06-19 [ Source: The Kathmandu Post ]

In a society where rumours are manufactured at regular intervals, what if rumours start going viral? If people in Nepal could cause so much destruction by being influenced by a rumour of what Bollywood actor Hritik Roshan “said” during the pre-social media days, how will they react to the viral rumours that could make it to social media platforms? How will the government develop a communication channel that people can trust?

Untapped Potential

2017-06-06 [ Source: The Kathmandu Post ]

In banking, like in many other sectors, everything apart from human capital is becoming homogenous. All banks have the same capital base, a similar technology platform and they all provide comparable products and services that are allowed by the Nepal Rastra Bank.